Stones D-4

Nick Cave D-5


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Summer 2012 – a last hurrah!

Archiving has taken a back-seat to a busy round of shoots around Shropshire in August.  The weather had perked up nicely after the seemingly endless rain of June and July, and weddings at the Shropshire Golf Centre, Muxton and Walcot Hall, Lydbury North were a delight to cover. Loads of editing to do – and more to come with a wedding on Saturday 18th at The Mill @ Alvelely. Once that’s done, and preview disks are on their way to clients, hope to begin final tweaks before uploading Music, Portfolio and Scenic portfolios.

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Film or Digital: A Quick Poll

I’ve spent the week delving back through photographic records harking back to the early 1980s. It’s been an exhausting but rewarding process and  I’m sitting with several folders of film scans and camera files in need of tweaking, as well as a pile of negs and slides ready for processing through the trusty Minolta Dual Scan. I’ve noticed that digital camera files have greatly improved over the decade I’ve used them, though to my mind slide and film still have an edge as far as tonal rendition goes. Obviously the convenience of storage of digital images outweighs boxes of negs, and digital files aren’t susceptible to the malaise of time (dust, fungus etc) but I’m interested to know your views.

Put simply: Film or digital?

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Itchy feet…

Seen some hard times
Drawn some bad lines
No time for shoeshines
Hard Nose the Highway
~ Van Morrison


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Not strictly relevant…

I realise this has nothing to do with photography, but as April was a washout and I only managed to get stuck into the greenhouse and garden in the second week of May, I’m amazed at how seedlings have already progressed. Barring another attack of greenfly we may be in for a bumper crop of chilli, courgette and aubergine this summer

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Seven straight days of sizzling sunshine, you spoil us, sire

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Scenic Archives Underway

Misty morning in KwaZulu-Natal by Aidan Jameson PhotographyWork in progress on Scenic Archive. Loads still to come on the following LINK

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Landscapes (i)

Beautiful weather has found us at last and I’m looking forward to revisiting some of my favourite haunts across Shropshire.

I’m currently archiving all pre-2012 landscape and historical images and am getting quite inspired for reshoots under ideal conditions.

This field alongside the ruins of Morten Corbet Castle is an ideal location and I hope to identify a spot to record as the seasons progress.


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Image of the Day (iii)


Music Archives are progressing at snail’s pace. Years of images to backtrack through, with many pics on old hard drives or cd/dvd backups, but expect an update here soon.


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Image of the Day (ii)

My aunt and uncle from SA made a brief stop with us over the weekend. Bright, clear weather on Saturday saw us criss-crossing the county as I showed off some of my favourite Shropshire locations to them. One of our pit-stops was on the summit of the Long Mynd which provides breathtaking views across the county whatever the weather. It got me thinking back to a fabulous wedding back in June 2007. Richard and Caroline married in the beautiful parish church at All Stretton and planned to shoot a series of images atop the Mynd on the way to their reception at Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury. The weather had thrown a mixed bag at the couple and their guests thus far, but they were determined to go ahead with the shoot as summer cloud bursts ushered them from the church. A parasol was unfurled as they exited their car, but served mainly as a prop as the rain let up and the sun broke through.

Caroline and Richard brave the elements atop the Long Mynd

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